G'day. I'm Thomas Fitzpatrick, an Australian illustrator and designer based in Sydney. I've lived in Sydney most of my life, except when my wife made us move to London for a couple of years. It was okay. I like running and playing with my dog, Rey. I hate doing portfolio websites. But, I love working as an illustrator and designer, which I've been doing for over ten years now — I'm getting old.

I did a Bachelor of Visual Arts at uni and started working in ad agencies and design studio, such as RebornFuture Friendly and Chook, designing websites and the like. Now, I do illustrating and art directing full time at Hopper.

I don't really do web design all that much anymore, more branding lately, but here are some sites and brands I've done that are still alive and well.

If you ever want to chat about a project, you can email me at gdayfitzfitzpatrick@gmail.com and I'll more than likely get back to you.

Cheers ears.
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