I'm Thomas Fitzpatrick, an Australian illustrator and designer based in Gadigal Country / Sydney — currently art directing bunnies at Hopper.

I've lived and worked in Sydney most of my life, except when my partner moved to London. I went with her and married her before someone else did, because she is amazing. I like running, films, video games and playing with my dog, Rey. I hate doing portfolio websites. But, I love working as an illustrator and designer, which I've been doing for well over ten years now. Getting old.

I did a Bachelor of Visual Arts at uni and started working in ad agencies and design studio, such as RebornFuture Friendly and Chook, designing websites and the like. Now, I do illustrating and art directing full time at Hopper.

Here are some sites and brands that I've done, which are still alive and well, but that I haven't bothered adding as a project yet.

If you ever want to chat about a project, you can email me at gdayfitzfitzpatrick@gmail.com and I'll more than likely get back to you.

Cheers ears.
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