Pimp Matty's Ride

Over one weekend, I smashed out an illustration for Young Henrys. A ruddy brilliant brewery in Newtown. Mmmm, beer.

It was for a competition. The prize—they’ll print the winning illustration on the side of their delivery truck. Mine got into the top three and won! Which is rather brillo, as I fucking love their brews.

The brief was to illustrate what Young Henrys means to the community. Shit hot beer and hipsters sprung to mind immediately. As everyone at the brewery have massive beards and tatts—women included.

The style I did it in is different to my usual stuff. I wanted to see how my usual cartoon style would look with comic book-like rendering. Kinda just ends up looking like McBess.

Anyway, behold, Hipster-Beer-Man!



Below is the process for the piece. I did a super rough sketch and then jumped straight into the final line work. This was due to time constraints, but I’m going to try and do this more often. I often spend far too much time on the sketch, faff around, and then rush the final pass.

Process 01




Here is a few shots of the final product with Matty—who delivers all the delicious beers around Sydney. And looks like he enjoys a few as well.


In the end they flipped the artwork, so thank Christ I checked it didn’t look munted flipped.

Dem legs

Here’s me standing in front of it like a twat with me growler. They have a great system at the brewery, where you can just swap out your empty growler with a new one. Instead of having to pay for the growler up front, which is what most breweries do.

I was rather happy with how this illustration turned out and I’d love to explore using this style more. Plus it’s great to see your work printed on a big old truck, zipping around Sydney delivering beery goodness.

By the by, I also started another illustration for this comp but stopped because it was looking like garbage. You can see how it was progressing here.

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Now. Time for a beer. Or two.

Role Illustrator

Studio Freelance

Client Young Henrys

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