A sticker pack, for the Kewe app. Stickers. So many stickers.

I had a lot of fun doing this sticker pack for Kewe, and I tried to imbue them all with some semblance of character. It’s rather difficult to do a unique sticker or emoticon pack, time after time. You can download the app here and sticker away.


Below are some larger versions of the better stickers from this pack. The pooping sticker is my personal favourite. Hehe, poop.




Woo, colours!

I kept to a strict colour palette for these illustrations, which is something I don’t often do. I tend to choose colours willy-nilly and use varying shades. Having a consistent colour palette helped these stickers feel like a part of a proper set. Although, the illustrations do break away from the palette for special characters. Such as the little monkey fella just above.


I also designed a few share screens to promote the app. As well as trying my hand at a bit of writing, which isn’t exactly my forte—unless it’s a fart joke.




Look and feels

In the original look and feel the illustrations had an off-white background. However, the app itself has a white background. So I needed to tweak the colours in the end. Overall though, they didn’t change much from the original look and feel.

Look and Feels


I’ve actually done quite a few emoji / sticker jobs over the past year or so, but this is the best one. Which is why it’s here. On my portfolio site. You dick.

But, you can check out the other ones I’ve done over on my Behance. There are HoverChat and Spot.IM. All of which are fairly different in style.

You can follow and keep up to date with my work on Twitter, Dribbble, Behance and Instagram, or check out my journal.

So yeah. That’s kind of it. Go on then. Piss off to the next project.

Role Illustrator

Client Kewe

Studio Freelance