Over the past year, I’ve been doing illustrations for Hopper—a startup that is aiming to simplify the travel planning process.

Hopper’s goal is to try and help people make an informed decision when booking a flight. They use data sets consisting of billions of flight prices, to notify peeps as soon as a good price becomes available. Be sure to check out the app itself—it is free, after all. It’s awesome. But then again I’m bias, as it has my shit in it.

Anyway, as part of the project I created their cute little bunny mascot, and a whole bunch of landscapes for use on their site and in the app itself.

Here’s the bunny that appears throughout the app.

Bunny Flying

Cute little fella.

Each of the illustrations are in aid of the content. Basically, just trying to help the idea being conveyed in each section of the intro screens and otehr places throughout the app. He also comes in many other guises though, for various marketing materials and that.


All the colours!

The bunnies sit on several different colours. So I had to make sure that they’d all work on Hopper’s brand colour, which is a sort of hot-pink-watermelon, which I quite like. As well as white and some of the landscape illustrations.

Below are a some of the landscapes used for the site and app. They are a nice why to give some life and character to the brand. But, they also serve as a visual guide. Showcasing various locations and destinations that people can travel to.

“This forest landscape is absolutely perfect. I think our CEO may have cried of happiness. The colour treatment is amazing.”

Maggie Moran – Project Manager, Hopper

I think I’ve done around fifteen or so now. But this project is ongoing, so there’ll be many more to come over the following months and hopefully years. As Hopper were super chuffed with how these came out.









The style of the landscapes has also been changing as I’ve been working them for the past year. Originally they were more organic, but now it’s more of a rounded geomtric style. A good example of this is the Taj Mahal landscape.


The app

As I said before, the illos were also used within the app itself. Hence, I had to make sure they’d crop nicely without looking shithouse. As well as tweaking the colour palette—like the forest scene.

Landscapes - Mobile

Below is where the bunny characters are used in the app—for the little welcome screen. There are plenty more bunnies to come throughout the year, so keep an eye out.


Evolution of the bunny

Before getting into the final illustrations, there was a lot of work done around the bunny character. Exploring different character shapes and different ways in which he could be used. Below are some of those sketches.




Everybody at Hopper is a pleasure to work with, everything is super relaxed and they love the work, and I love drawing it for them. Not a bad gig, getting to draw cute bunnies and lovely landscapes.

“Fitz’s illustrative work consistently exceeds our expectations—gorgeous, detailed and original. Every asset he has produced has been met with delight by our team and users alike.”

Fred Lalonde – CEO, Hopper

Well, shucks. You’ll have to bloody well hire me after reading that quote. Again, be sure to check out the app in all it’s glory. And you can keep up to date with new illustrations for Hopper on their Dribbble page.

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Role Illustrator

Client Hopper

Studio Freelance

Credits Pantelis Korovilas – Lead Product Designer

2014 - 2015

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