July 7, 2013

Timmy Tompkins' app

Hello all. I’m incredibly excited to announce that my first children’s book, Timmy Tompkins’ Awesome Fantasy Comic Book Superhero Adventure, is now available as an app on iPad! I wrote and illustrated this book mid last year with the intention of getting it published the old school way, in print. Unfortunately it got rejected. Sad face. But at the beginning of the year Canadian developer Storypanda reached out to me to turn the book into an app. Apart from it being entirely interactive, with music and animations and that, the kid’s can also edit the text in the book, making it their own, and share it with their friends. Pretty neat.

If you have any little kiddies knocking about I’m sure they’ll somewhat like this silly little story. You can see more of the app here and more importantly buy it from the App Store here.

Below are some screenshots from the app.









Also, in order to try and promote the app I created a little site, which you can check out here and read a little bit more about here if you want.