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Freakin’ Monsters

Well fuck me, it’s been ages since I’ve put anything up here. So here we go.

I’ve finally gotten around to starting a little side project that I’ve wanted to for quite a while now – it’s called Freakin’ Monsters.

Freakin Monsters Logo

It’s basically a weekly illustration blog kinda thing, the purpose of which is to draw weird and cute shit. But that aside, the main real reason is to challenge myself and draw from my brain case rather than using references. So we’ll see how I go, and how long it lasts. I’ve done two so far, consisting of a decapitated zombie head and Totoro.

So enjoy and be sure to check back every week for another freakin’ monster.

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Yay beer!

Well, my piece I entered into the Pimp Matty’s Ride competition for Young Henrys the other week has won! Check it out below in case you didn’t see it.

Hipster-Beer-Man - 05

I’m super chuffed. Thanks to everyone who voted for it, and congrats to the other two illustrators who got in the top three. You can check their pieces out here and here. The prize is that they’re going to print the illustration onto the side of their delivery truck, which is fucking rad. Plus I also get free beer. So hopefully, if you live around Sydney, you’ll see this beer loving hipster fella zooming about delivering gorgeous craft beer to the masses. Cheers!

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Some stuff that is happening

So, that Young Henrys illustration for the Pimp Matty’s Ride comp I did a few weeks back got into the top three! The entry that receives the most likes on Facebook and Instagram gets their illustration put onto the side of the Young Henrys delivery truck. Plus I get free beer. Mmmmm, beer.

You can vote for it, by liking it on Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t, you’re dead to me.

Also, my exhibition and it’s respective opening night is coming up next week! The opening night is on Tuesday at Blacklisted Gallery in Surry Hills at 6pm, and the show runs for about a week. More deets here. Would love to see all you lovely people there.

P.S. Get this game, it’s fucking gorgeous.

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Last weekend I smashed out an illustration for a competition run by Young Henrys, where they’ll print the winning illustration on the side of their delivery truck. It’s a fairly different style to what I usually illustrative in. I kinda wanted to see how my normal cartoon style would look with sort of comic book style outlines and rendering. Behold!

Hipster-Beer-Man - 01

Hipster-Beer-Man - 02

Hipster-Beer-Man - 03

Hipster-Beer-Man - 04

Hipster-Beer-Man - 05

I actually don’t mind it. I’m working on a new kid’s book at the moment and think I may use this style for it.

I also actually started on another illustration initially for this Young Henrys comp. But I wasn’t really that psyched about it. So I ended up doing the above one instead, which I think is a shit tonne better. You can check it out the old one below.

Young Henrys - WIP 04

When I started doing these I thought I’d give the WIP feature on Behance a whirl. It’s been around for a while and I haven’t really used it. Think I may start using it a lot more though, it’s good to show the process, and I think people can get a lot out of it, including myself. You can check out the WIPs for Hipster-Beer-Man here, and the other one here.

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New exhibition

Alright. I’m having a rubbish exhibition relatively soon. Opening night is on April 8th at 6pm, at Blacklisted Gallery in Surry Hills, and you’re all invited! Lucky you. Feel free to bring people along, the more the merrier – there will copious amounts of free booze.

So basically I’ll be showing a whole bunch of my illustrations from the past few years. An incredibly premature retrospective, but it’s basically because I don’t have any new series to show… anyway, more details about the show are here, and on the flyer below.

Blacklisted Invite

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I shall call him Squishy

Below are a tonne of stickers I did for HoverChat, which is a messaging app for Android. These were immense fun to do – I got to draw cute monsters and that all day, so I can’t complain. The style I did these in are similar to the Food Lovers’ Republic project I did a few months ago, and I’m actually really enjoying illustrating in this style. Anyway, if you want, you can buy the app here.

HoverChat - 01

HoverChat - 02

HoverChat - 03

HoverChat - 04

HoverChat - 05

HoverChat - 06

HoverChat - 07

HoverChat - 08

HoverChat - 09

HoverChat - 10

HoverChat - 11

HoverChat - 12

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Some potentially ill-informed thoughts on case studies

Recently at work I’ve been doing a bit of research (now I say research, but it’s more looking at sites and bagging them, thinking I can do better) on how agencies and studios display case studies on their portfolios. What I’ve come up with are some potentially ill-formed thoughts – as I’m a visual designer and illustrator and only like pretty pictures, hence, therein lies some form of bias.

From looking at a lot of case studies from other agencies and studios, they’re all trying to tell a story. Which is great. Showing the journey from concept through to final product. When looking at the layouts and content, most of these case studies read and look like a bog standard article that you could find on any news or blog service. With the imagery and final visual design taking a back seat to the text and narrative. In some respects I think that’s a bit of a mistake.

Does a prospective client really want to read a long winded explanation of all the shit we did behind the scenes, that lea us to the end result? I reckon most clients would come looking to see images of final designs, something “sexy”, for want of a better word. How we arrived to that end point and the processes that led us there, is probably more of an interest to our peers and people in the industry than the client.

I’m not completely dismissing the value of having all of the process stuff, it certainly has it’s place. But I think we can achieve a nice middle ground. It’s important to show the process and how we arrived to the final product, through the use of a narrative. However it is just as important to show that end product in all of it’s beautifully designed and developed glory. How we do that is always up for debate. Whether it be shots of the full visual designs, which are always fucking ghastly and I’m a main offender in that respect. Or if we pull out certain UI elements and go into that sort of minute detail, as opposed to standing back and having an holistic view, so to speak.

As to layout. Teehan+Lax, Edenspiekermann and Your Majesty (fucking rad studios mind you), just to name a few, all have very similar layouts when it comes to their case studies.

- Great big hero image with a massive heading. Check.
- A ridiculously long column of text at a narrow width, that runs down the centre of the page. Check.
- Content broken up by massive fucking headings, for people who are obviously legally blind, pull quotes and then the odd image. Usually of an arbitrary sketch or a group people sitting at a table in staged deep thought. Check.
- Have body copy so big, it looks like you’ve got the page zoomed in at 200%. Check.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love those guy’s stuff. I just think there has to be a different, if not slightly better way of doing things. What that is, I have no fucking idea, I haven’t really thought about it. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I’ve found that the end product seems to take a bit of a back seat in these case studies. I suppose that’s fine… If you want to see the end result you can just visit the site, or download the app, or whatever the hell it may be. Still though, it’s pretty bloody important. I think that’s what most clients are going to be judging us on in the end. Even though we’d like to think it’s all about our shit hot processes, and all of the research and theory that is put into that.

I think it’s partially because I try to be a purveyor of pretty pictures I feel this way. When it comes to showcasing my own work, I just slap what I think are the best images up there, with very little description. If I write a full paragraph, I think I’ve gone overboard. In essence I’m letting the work do the talking, which may not be entirely wise in some cases, but I personally can’t be fucked. Basically what I’m trying to get at, is that there should be a nice middle ground between the relation of the story/process and visual design/build. Where the story of the process and final visual design can make sweet passionate love together, as opposed to the visual design getting bum raped by the process and narrative.

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Don’t waste food yo!

A site that I did a whole bunch of illustrations for has gone live this week. It’s called the Food Lovers’ Republic. It’s a program by Hornsby Shire and Willoughby City Council in partnership with the NSW Environment Protection Authority, the purpose of which, is to basically educate people not to waste food through a series of online tutorials. On completion of the tutorials you get a little prize or something. It’s also done in a different style to what I usually illustrate in, rather cutesy and hipster-ish. This was also one of the very first projects I did at Digital Eskimo, so there you go.

FLR Home

FLR 01

FLR 02

FLR 03

FLR 04

FLR 05

FLR 06

FLR 07

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Monti’s Mould Monster out now!

A comic book I illustrated for Pearson Australia last year has finally been released! I blogged about it late last year, it’s called Monti’s Mould Monster, and it’s part of Pearson’s Discovering Science series. The book is used by the teacher to support primary school students as part of the national Australian Curriculum, which is pretty rad – lots of little kiddies get to see my illustrations, and judge me.

You can pick up the book here to read to your little ones, or you can check out some of the pages and that here.

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I have machine guns in my butt?

Just before Christmas and New Years I wrapped up a little commission piece for a mate of mine who’s giving it to his brother, for Christmas. Cute. It’s of Astro Boy! Behold…

Astro Boy

I fucking love Astro Boy (even the recent crappy movie… somewhat). I remember watching the cartoon (or anime, not quite sure which term to apply here) as a kid with my little sister growing up. He was rad. He had guns coming out of his arse cheeks, who would not want that?

Anyhow, it’s a one off commission, so I won’t be selling these as prints or anything. But. I am available for commissions at the moment, so either send me an old email or hit me up on Twitter.

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