As I said before, I’m Thomas Fitzpatrick—although everyone calls me Fitz—an illustrator and visual designer based in Sydney. Currently available for freelance for a bit.

Basically, I just love to work on projects that make people smile and have a purpose. If they laugh and wet their pants—that’s a bonus. Illustration is my main passion, but I also have a good amount of experience in visual design. As well as a smattering of animation and user experience.

On the side, I make games under Three Quarter Cat with some mates. Our first game, Plazmo, is out now for free on iOS. I also do a weekly illustration project called Freakin’ Monsters. The main purpose of which is to draw weird and cute shit to break the monotony of my existence.

I’ve also been known to spout utter rubbish on Twitter, and post shite on Dribbble and Instagram.

Well. That’s kinda it. You can piss off now.